Hi there!

Here at CrimsCreek, you'll find quality rabbits! NT = Non Tortie.

Focusing on Holland Lops, specializing in broken and solid tortie colors.

If you see a rabbit you're interested in, message me. Studs are available for breeding at low prices -2 to 5 coins.

All Rabbits

Name Breed Sex Color
PO Charlies
CC PO 3942D Moonpie PO D Charlie Black
CC PO 3988D Natalya PO D Charlie Blue
CC PO 4012B Nicholas PO B Charlie Blue
PO Foundation Buck solid
CC PO 3672B Lucian PO B Chocolate
CC PO 3901B Murray PO B Chocolate
PO Foundation Bucks Broken
CC PO 3898B Quinton PO B Broken Blue
CC PO 3952B Kevin PO B Broken Blue
CC PO 3967B Merlin PO B Broken Black
CC PO 3978B Paul PO B Broken Chocolate
CC PO 3997B Peter PO B Broken Black
PO Foundation Doe Broken
CC PO 3898D Queenie PO D Broken Blue
CC PO 3912D Kimberly PO D Broken Blue
CC PO 3928D Myrtle PO D Broken Black
PO Foundation Does solid
CC PO 3634D Lucy PO D Chocolate
CC PO 3725D Lyric PO D Chocolate
CC PO 3909D Olivia PO D Black
CC PO 3912D Ophelia PO D Black
CC PO 3919D Mary PO D Black
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