Welcome to Dauntless
A small rabbitry breeding quality English Lops in Solid and Broken. Mainly selfs and torts but also have agouti and steel.
Established in 2016
42 Homebred Grand Champions
Thanks for Klassik, Rule Breaker Rabbitry, and Ruby Bloom Rabbitry for starter stock and help with the game.
If anyone needs English Lop stock message me. :]

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Name Breed Sex Color
Brood Does
Dauntless DZ201 EL D Gold Tipped Black
Dauntless DZ207 EL D Blue
Dauntless DZ208 EL D Broken Black
Dauntless DZ210 EL D Gold Tipped Lilac
Dauntless DZ209 EL B Broken Blue
Dauntless Hard Head EL B Black Tortoiseshell
Dauntless Jughead EL B Gold Tipped Blue
GC Dauntless Steve EL B Black
Dauntless DZ198 EL D Broken Blue
GC Dauntless DZ205 EL D Broken Chocolate Tortoiseshell
Dauntless Florance EL D Broken Blue
Dauntless Irrational Numbers EL D Black Tortoiseshell
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Signed Up: 3/10/2016
Last Active: 4 days ago
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