Breeding and Competing with Mini Satin Rabbits in a variety of colors. We occasionally have sales, and if you're interested in buying or trading please let me know. Trades will be rare (limited space), but possible for the right animals. If you are interested in anything, including getting into the Mini Satin breed, I encourage you to reach out to me and I will be happy to do all I can to help get you started.

Generally speaking we offer our bucks for stud as they become of age for breeding. Breedings to general bucks are placed at 15 coins, while breedings to Champions and other exceptional rabbits are priced at 25 coins. Any rabbit over 40 SOP is placed up for 50.

KFX In A Flash
KFX Winged Dream
KFX Tubthumper
KFX Heat Wave
KFX Dream Girl
KFX Hot Stuff
KFX Lovely
KFX Firestorm!
KFX Long Rain
KFX Hurricane!
KFX Lens Flare
KFX F-Stop
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