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Name Breed Sex Color
Starter Barn
Rabbit #892619 EA B Dutch Opal
Rabbit #900825 FA B Broken Lilac Tortoiseshell
ORs come back FA D Broken Lilac
GC ORs E EA B Opal
GC ORs EA life boat EA D Opal
ORs marid of scars FA B Ruby-Eyed White
GC ORs used to be mine EA D Lynx
GC ORsEA blue Christmas EA B Blue
ORsEA little woman EA D Lilac
ORsFA lilac lanr FA D Broken Lilac
Ruby*s EA-B 754455 42.26 EA B Lilac
General Info
Signed Up: 1/29/2017
Last Active: 2 years ago
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