Tarnished Halo

* Retrying the site & trying to figure things out *

Please be patient with me.
I'm planning to get my feet wet in Mini Satins, primarily because they're lower on the list at the moment.
Any advice and/or help would be appreciated.

(May 11th, 2016)

All Rabbits

Name Breed Sex Color
Rabbit #788428 MS D Ruby-Eyed White
THalo Tiger Fudge 41.60 MS B Ruby-Eyed White
THalo Uštipci 41.72 MS D Orange
THalo Upside-down cake 41.73 MS D Opal
THalo Vanilla Bean 41.50 MS B Opal
THalo Zebra Truffles 41.88 MS B Ruby-Eyed White
THalo Zeppole 41.59 MS D Ruby-Eyed White
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