Economic System

The base cost of running your rabbitry will be 1 coin per day, per rabbit over 24 hours old.

Rabbits under 20-hours old will not cost anything to feed and/or keep in your account.  They also do not occupy space (holes).

Slaughtering rabbits will not return any coin, however, there will be numerous other ways to make money in the game. 

This cash-based coin format is new for us. It allows us to offer a system comparable to other online games and allows our users more freedom in what they do with their accounts.

Do you want to send somebody coins or rabbits at no charge? Go right ahead, it is permissible.  Do you want to have a 500 rabbit account? Go right ahead, but keep in mind each rabbit will have a daily feed cost and must occupy its own space once it reaches maturity.  Do you want to manage a small account with only 3-5 breeders? You will not be restricted from doing other stuff, including breeding and the chat feature.

There will not be family accounts on this site because the restrictions on accounts that are the reason those accounts exist on our other sites won’t be part of this game.

Additional information can be located under the heading "Economics."

Last Updated: 7/23/2014 9:18:41 AM