Considering Kits

The number of kits born to a particular breed varies according to the breed standards.  Larger breeds produce larger numbers of kits and small/mini breeds produce smaller numbers of kits.

The average number of kits for each breed can be located on the Breeds page, located in the menu on the lower left.  The number of kits you might expect is listed near the upper left of the breed standard page.

Kits reach "adult" status at ten (10) days old.  At that time, they will be counted toward the capacity of holes available in your account.  Upon birth, you therefore have ten days to name, evaluate, cull, and/or determine the show quality of an animal.  Will he or she contribute to your breeding program based on the breed point scale?  Will he or she place well in shows?  These are topics to consider when evaluating an animal.

Kits are under a 20-hour waiting period before they can be sold or transferred to others.  This time frame simulates the weaning period.  Kits can be culled (removed) at any time after birth.

Last Updated: 7/23/2014 10:03:52 AM