Starter Rabbits

Your starter rabbits will have colors that are based on their breed.  However, starter rabbits can have genes that are "hidden" which will cause the rabbit to not "breed true" in terms of the accepted colors for that breed.

The actual genetic makeup of your starter rabbits will be randomly selected from any possible genetic combination (there are 1,968,300 total possible combinations of the ten genes in the game) that would result in one of the recognized colors for that breed.  That includes many genetic combinations that when bred together will result in colors that are not recognized.

It may take many generations for some breeds to get to the point that they "breed true" to colors. 

Even after many generations of breeding for consistency in lines, it is still possible to breed two rabbits of different (or even the same) recognized colors together and get an unrecognized color.

Breeding lines that will produce litters that contain all, or nearly all, kits that have recognized colors is one of the challenges of the game.

Last Updated: 7/23/2014 8:41:14 AM