Color Genetics Abbreviations

Color genetics abbreviations are currently located on each rabbit's page.  The string of initials gives you clues on the colors and traits carried.  In order if dominance on each locus with the games letter designation, the following is a chart of the abbreviations used:


Ad-- agouti
At-- tan pattern
Ar-- self

Bd-- black
Br-- chocolate

Cd-- full color
Cchd-- chin gene (washes out the red (making chestnuts chin and otters silver martens, etc)
Cchl-- sable gene
Ch-- cal/himi gene removes pigment from the body leaves it at the points.
cr red-eyed white ("REW")

Dd--full saturation
Dr-- dilute

Ed-- non-extension (most colors are "ed")
Ej-- Japanese gene (harlies)
Es-- steel
Er-- extension gene (Causes blacks to be torts, chestnuts into fawns, etc.)


Ed-- broken
Er-- non-broken

Dd-- non-Dutch
Dr-- Dutch

Vd-- non-Vienna
Vr--Vienna (causes blue-eyed white "BEW")

Wd-- non-wide band
Wr--wide band

Sd-- non-silvered
Sr-- makes silvering (champagnes, silver fox, etc) 

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