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GC 45.66B H3B MS.cc 71g/66d

Color: Ruby-Eyed White
Ad-Ar / Bd-Br / Cr-Cr / Dr-Dr / Er-Er
Er-Er / Dd-Dd / Vd-Vd / Wd-Wr / Sd-Sd
Owner: Bam Rabbits
Born: 12/25/2017
Breed: Mini Satin
GC'd By: Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies
Sex: Buck
Variety: White
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Last Update:
Bred to LL ChinDoe 44.56

Stud Fee: 1coins

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Show Date Placing Leg Points
December 2017 Hawaii Fair 12/31/2017 Best of Breed X 44
January 2018 Massachusetts Fair 1/6/2018 Best of Breed X 32
January 2018 Mississippi Fair 1/7/2018 Best of Breed X 32
January 2018 Oklahoma Fair 1/8/2018 Best of Breed X 32
Breed to Stud
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Aggregate Traits

General User SOP
57.81 45.66

Individual Quality Traits

Body Head Ears Eyes Feet Legs Tail Fur Dens Text Len Sheen Color Tick Con
71.7 56.2 57.8 56.1 54.3 55.2 54.4 66.4 54.8 56.4 56.9 56.5 55.4 56.2 58.8
94th 90th 94th 70th 54th 32nd 28th 95th 29th 90th 75th 92nd 28th 65th 87th
Pedigree of 45.66B H3B MS.cc 71g/66d
IBC: 0.00%
44.05b H3B FAWNabc 68h/62b/55d
color: Fawn
GC 44.40B H3B MS.cc 70i/60i/55a
Grand Champion | color: Ruby-Eyed White
38.79D H3B OPLace 55/56/54
color: Opal
46.20b H3B MS.c 72d/68g
color: Red
GC 44.40B H3B MS.cc 70i/60i/55a
Grand Champion | color: Ruby-Eyed White
42.82D H3B MS.c 61g/67e/55b
color: Opal
GC 43.68D H3B MS OPLc 64c/68b/55a
Grand Champion | color: Opal
Generation 32
43.05B H3B MS.cc 66i/59g/55a
color: Ruby-Eyed White
43.14B H3B MS.cc 64b/64h/55d
color: Ruby-Eyed White
GC 42.90D H3B OPALac 62e/66d/55e
Grand Champion | color: Opal
41.59D H3B MS.cc 61d/60f/55e
color: Ruby-Eyed White
40.54B H3B CHT.WHTe 58/59/55
color: Ruby-Eyed White
40.22D H3B MS REDdc 57b/60f/55
color: Orange
42.93D H3B MS.OPALbe 68h/56/56
color: Opal