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HAL Mr. Chips 42.16

Color: Blue Tortoiseshell
Ar-Ar / Bd-Bd / Cd-Cr / Dr-Dr / Er-Er
Er-Er / Dd-Dd / Vd-Vd / Wd-Wr / Sd-Sd
Owner: RC Rabbitry
Born: 1/24/2016
Breed: Holland Lop
Sex: Buck
Variety: Solid
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Last Update:
Bred to CC HL 4558D Summer Rains

Stud Fee: 1coins

Show Results

Show Date Placing Leg Points
February 2016 Oregon Fair 2/4/2016 DNP 0
February 2016 Texas Fair 2/5/2016 9th 0
February 2016 Massachusetts Fair 2/6/2016 7th 0
February 2016 Mississippi Fair 2/7/2016 DNP 0
February 2016 Oklahoma Fair 2/8/2016 DNP 0
February 2016 Delaware Fair 2/9/2016 10th 0
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Aggregate Traits

General User SOP
57.23 42.16

Individual Quality Traits

Body Head Ears Eyes Feet Legs Tail Fur Dens Text Len Sheen Color Tick Con
68.9 59.0 55.9 56.6 56.3 56.6 55.8 57.4 55.3 56.1 55.5 55.7 57.5 55.7 56.0
55th 81st 36th 88th 76th 83rd 72nd 86th 63rd 48th 48th 49th 53rd 74th 42nd
Pedigree of HAL Mr. Chips 42.16
IBC: 0.00%
CJF B Manner Hello
color: Ruby-Eyed White
Klassik Hrllo Mr Chips 42.06
color: Black
Klassik Black Otterina 41.23
color: Black Otter
RC Pistol 42.00
color: Black Tortoiseshell
CJF B Crazed Blues
color: Broken Blue Tortoiseshell
CJF D Crazy Coffee
color: Blue
CJF D Hot Java
color: Black
Generation 25
HAL Mister Lops N Hops
color: Broken Black Tortoiseshell
HAL Drake 41.61
color: Black Tortoiseshell
HAL Hoppin Lady
color: Broken Black Tortoiseshell
HAL Lots Of Hope 41.82
color: Blue Tortoiseshell
CJF B Hello Bambi
color: Blue Tortoiseshell
CJF D Lots of Hops
color: Blue Tortoiseshell
CJF D Blue Hops
color: Blue Tortoiseshell