May 2018 Wisconsin Fair Most Recent Entries

2,202 Current Entries

Name Owner Breed Sex Age*
Dauntless The Perfectionist Removed English Lop B 147
Dauntless Madeline Removed English Lop D 251
Dauntless Florance Dauntless English Lop D 124
Dauntless Empire Removed English Lop B 143
66.05D H3B ddHIMIc 07/96g/12 Bam Rabbits Mini Rex D 200
42.35 RRJW Amy 58.10 T Removed Jersey Wooly D 1
CC PL Lynx Bucky Removed Palomino B 111
CC PL Lynx Buck Removed Palomino B 111
CC HL 4564D Xeres Removed Holland Lop D 178
CC HL 4535D Dawn Removed Holland Lop D 16
CC HL 4515B Dapper Dan Removed Holland Lop B 16
CC HL 4513B Darby Removed Holland Lop B 16
CC HL 4453B Morris Removed Holland Lop B 249
CC HL 4384D Amy Removed Holland Lop D 142
CC HL 4294B Galaxy Removed Holland Lop B 139
37.02D H3B ND.v 52/58/52/53 Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies Netherland Dwarf D 5
38.92B H3B TN.ddb 49f/49h/60i Bam Rabbits Tan B 5
40.46D H3B TN.Cd 58d/51g/62h Removed Tan D 5
44.32B H3B AF.vv 87d/57e/55b Bam Rabbits American Fuzzy Lop B 5
38.88b H3B SM.bdd 52i/59b/60g Bam Rabbits Silver Marten B 5
38.90D H3B SM.ldd 52d/57f/62f Removed Silver Marten D 5
36.42D H3B 51h/53a/54c Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies American D 5
38.23B H3B 54f/62g/52i Bam Rabbits American B 5
40.54d H3B SC.e 61g/55e/57d Removed Standard Chinchilla D 5
42.11b H3B SC.e 61b/65a/56d Bam Rabbits Standard Chinchilla B 5
37.82D H3B DH B57e/C52a HE Removed Dwarf Hotot D 5
57.03b H3B ES.bu 86a/95a Bam Rabbits English Spot B 5
53.21d H3B 81f/86h Removed English Spot D 5
38.74B H3B JW.v 56f/49i/66b Bam Rabbits Jersey Wooly B 5
38.98D H3B JW.v 60f/53i/64 Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies Jersey Wooly D 5
36.20d H3B BH.ji B50h/C55h Removed Belgian Hare D 5
60.84D H3B SBLPTc 85c/95h/12d Removed Mini Rex D 207
108.97D H3B BLKh 177a/212g Removed Rex D 50
Rabbit #1064993 Removed Dutch D 109
HAL Willows Bend 40.35 Removed Netherland Dwarf D 230
Hal Chaos In The Snow 42.18 Removed Florida White D 108
HAL Snow N Ice 42.22 Removed Florida White B 108
HAL Snow N Ice 42.17 Removed Florida White B 108
Rabbit #1065000 Removed Dutch B 109
HAL Rooster Tom 68.48 Removed Dutch B 121
HAL Icy Bill 42.04 Removed Florida White B 135
HAL Surprize Bit 40.33 Removed Netherland Dwarf B 230
PRR Chinchilla for Hops 68.68 Removed Dutch B 234
Little willows Joe Removed Netherland Dwarf B 382
HAL Miss Jane 41.99 Removed Florida White D 112
HAL Dream The Dream 69.20 Bam Rabbits Dutch D 125
EH Silent Sky Removed Silver Fox D 136
HAL Silent Silver 112.54 Removed Silver Fox B 19
HAL Silver Streak 113.37 Removed Silver Fox B 19
HAL Bonnie Anne 12.21 Removed Silver Fox D 19

*Age on day of show

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