April 2018 Vermont Fair Holland Lop Results

Name Owner Placing
Lotsa Lops Fantasy Bet 48.27 Klassik 1st [90]
Lotsa Lops Bewitched 47.52 Klassik 2nd [60]
Klassik Wispa 45.69 Klassik 3rd [45]
Klassik Mega Blue 45.38 Klassik 4th [30]
Klassik Lilac Lily 45.10 Klassik 5th [15]
Klassik Black Moon 43.18 Klassik 6th
Klassik Singalong 43.11 Klassik 7th
Klassik Christmas Cheer 43.05 Klassik 8th
HAL Playing Crazy 43.03 Klassik 9th
Klassik Charlesson 42.99 Klassik 10th
Klassik Lotsa Bluebelle 42.86 Klassik DNP
Klassik Gerrylina 42.80 Klassik DNP
Klassik Will I Am 42.72 Klassik DNP
Klasssik Winston 42.70 Klassik DNP
Klassik Hello Claude 42.39 Klassik DNP
Broken Senior Bucks
JustLops Leonard Removed 1st [18]
Klassik Years End 46.30 Klassik 2nd [12]
CC HL 4442B Galahad Removed 3rd [9]
Broken Senior Does
JustLops Medley Removed 1st [24]
Klassik Coven 46.51 Klassik 2nd [16]
Klassik Holidaze 46.50 Klassik 3rd [12]
CC HL 4564D Xeres Removed 4th [8]
JustLops Lavendarized Removed 1st [228] [L]
JustLops Purple People Eater Removed 2nd [152]
JustLops New Theory Removed 3rd [114]
JustLops Flower Removed 4th [76]
JustLops Hypothesis Removed 5th [38]
JustLops Lone Star Removed 6th
Klassik Hedge Fund 46.23 Klassik 7th
Klassik LL Hedge ya Bets 46.04 Klassik 8th
Klassik Dark Lord 44.78 Klassik 9th
Klassik Lotsa Nero 44.68 Klassik 10th
Klassik Lotsa Lenora 44.62 Klassik DNP
Klassik Daisy Chain 44.59 Klassik DNP
CC HL 4453B Morris Removed DNP
Klassik Lotsa Pineapple 44.52 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blackheart 44.34 Klassik DNP
Klassik Steel Blue 44.14 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Blue 44.05 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Attitude 43.87 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blu Golenka 43.77 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Lover 43.68 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Buckaroo 43.65 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Black 43.64 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Snow 43.63 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Shadows 43.61 Klassik DNP
Klassik Petra 43.53 Klassik DNP
Lotsa Lops Carlotta Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa Love 43.12 Klassik DNP
Klassik Seralena 43.04 Klassik DNP
Klassik Karlos 42.02 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lotsa All Black 43.00 Klassik DNP
Klassik Roller 43.02 Klassik DNP
HAL Roxie 43.00 Klassik DNP
Klassik Paddywhack 42.92 Klassik DNP
Klassik Gollkelka 42.86 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blue Gown 42.76 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blu Space 42.73 Klassik DNP
Klassik Daze Out 42.63 Klassik DNP
Klassik Rolo 42.49 Klassik DNP
Solid Senior Bucks
JustLops Mythical Tail Removed Best of Breed [44] [L]
JustLops Mango Tango Removed 2nd [16]
JustLops Cooper Removed 3rd [12]
CC HL 4294B Galaxy Removed 4th [8]
Solid Senior Does
JustLops Crystal Removed Best of Opposite Sex [46] [L]
JustLops Odyssey Removed 2nd [24]
JustLops Tequila Sunrise Removed 3rd [18]
CC HL 4473D April Removed 4th [12]
CC HL 4428D Irma Removed 5th [6]
CC HL 4384D Amy Removed 6th

Best in Show

Name: 190.66D H3B JMd 359.6
Owner: Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: CRSF FenrirHunter 118.07
Owner: Champion Rabbitry
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
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