December 2017 Kentucky Fair Mini Lop Results

Name Owner Placing
Klassik Heads Up 53.23 Klassik 1st [60]
Klassik Jaffa Cake 52.64 Klassik 2nd [40]
Klassik Orange Peal 51.98 Klassik 3rd [30]
Klassik Black Tips 49.78 Klassik 4th [20]
Klassik Polished Act 49.72 Klassik 5th [10]
Klassik Mr Tippy 49.12 Klassik 6th
Klassik Bright Patches 48.97 Klassik 7th
Klassik Back To Black 48.64 Klassik 8th
Klassik Bitz Of Red 48.53 Klassik 9th
Klassik Colour Mix 46.88 Klassik 10th
Broken Senior Bucks
118.5B92.0H BrkBluTort 61.42 WDRich369 Best of Opposite Sex [88] [L]
117.9B91.3H BrkGTLilac 61.13 WDRich369 2nd [52]
117.4B91.5H BrkGTBlue 61.01 WDRich369 3rd [39]
119.7B85.1H BrkLilTort 60.81 WDRich369 4th [26]
115.6B93.5H BrkGTBlue 60.76 WDRich369 5th [13]
116.8B88.6H BrkGTBlue 60.45 WDRich369 6th
CRML BrkBluTort 60.19 WDRich369 7th
117.4B84.9H BrkBluTort 60.14 WDRich369 8th
PRR BrkLynx Lilar 58.43 Removed 9th
PRR BrkLilac Lustre 58.37 Removed 10th
*Pandoraz Paws Linus Pandoraz Paws DNP
Rabbit #1040685 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1040690 WDRich369 DNP
Broken Senior Does
117.3B93.6H BrkGTLilac 61.26 WDRich369 1st [66] [L]
116.1B90.9H BrkBluTort 60.55 Champion Rabbitry 2nd [44]
117.2B87.4H BrkBluTort 60.40 Champion Rabbitry 3rd [33]
116.3B87.9H BrkGTBlue 60.21 WDRich369 4th [22]
PRR BRKOpal Lustre 59.30 Powder River Rabbitry 5th [11]
PRR BrkBlue Bistera 58.27 Removed 6th
Klassik Justa Jaffa 52.66 Klassik 7th
Klassik Light Show 51.61 Klassik 8th
Rabbit #1040684 WDRich369 10th
Rabbit #1040692 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1040681 WDRich369 9th
Klassik Topical 53.01 Klassik 1st [174]
Klassik Orachoc 52.82 Klassik 2nd [116]
Klassik Sun Cloud 52.75 Klassik 3rd [87]
Klassik Blue Lenara 52.75 Klassik 4th [58]
Klassik Devilish Details 52.59 Klassik 5th [29]
Klassik Blue Bangle 51.47 Klassik 6th
Klassik Sing The Blues 52.20 Klassik 7th
Klassik Red Ranger 52.01 Klassik 8th
Klassik Relka Ruby 51.97 Klassik 9th
Klassik Purple Rain 51.88 Klassik 10th
Klassik Blue Pearl 51.81 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blue Devil 51.66 Klassik DNP
Klassik Red Star 51.57 Klassik DNP
Klassik Ruby Red 50.78 Klassik DNP
Klassik Red Alarm 50.48 Klassik DNP
Klassik Blue Bouquet 50.12 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lilac Lillie 49.92 Klassik DNP
Klassik GR Bright Polish 49.61 Klassik DNP
Klassik GR Gold Tips 49.43 Klassik DNP
Klassik GR Dark Waters 49.28 Klassik DNP
Klassik GR Bright Buoy 49.27 Klassik DNP
Klassik Musketeer 49.11 Klassik DNP
Klassik GR Niagra 49.01 Klassik DNP
Klassik Red Angel 47.62 Klassik DNP
Klassik GR All Red 47.04 Klassik DNP
Klassik Red Salome 46.47 Klassik DNP
Klassik Tortie Blu 46.21 Klassik DNP
Klassik Choco Orange 46.11 Klassik DNP
Klassik Red Diva 46.03 Klassik DNP
Solid Senior Bucks
CRML Red 61.14 Champion Rabbitry 1st [114] [L]
CRML GTBlue 60.80 WDRich369 2nd [76]
116.6B89.8H GTBlue 60.54 WDRich369 3rd [57]
117.8B CRML GTBlue 60.41 WDRich369 4th [38]
96.1H GTBlue 60.12 WDRich369 5th [19]
CRML GTBlue 60.01 WDRich369 6th
Rabbit #1017814 Removed 7th
PRR BlkTort Bush 59.05 Removed 8th
PRR Blue Baxter 59.03 Removed 9th
PRR GtipBlue Mike 58.90 Removed 10th
PRR BRKBlkTort Tisle 58.67 Removed DNP
PRR LilacTort Tipstore 58.56 Removed DNP
PRR BlueTort Tigger 58.41 Removed DNP
Klassik Orange Juice 50.48 Klassik DNP
Klassik Sabotage 50.32 Klassik DNP
*Pandoraz Paws Lollo Pandoraz Paws DNP
Rabbit #1044701 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1040687 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1040688 WDRich369 DNP
Solid Senior Does
CRML BluTort 61.61 Champion Rabbitry Best of Breed [152] [L]
116.8B90.1H GTBlue 60.65 WDRich369 2nd [88]
CRML BluTort 60.60 Champion Rabbitry 3rd [66]
115.7B92.1H GTBlue 60.59 WDRich369 4th [44]
CRML GTLilac 60.39 WDRich369 5th [22]
115.9B89H GTBlue 60.23 WDRich369 6th
114.6B91.3H GTBlue 60.18 WDRich369 7th
CRML GTBlue 60.13 WDRich369 8th
PRR Blue Bugsy 59.51 Powder River Rabbitry 9th
PRR Blue Gusta 58.81 Removed 10th
PRR BlueTort Inglacia 58.63 Removed DNP
PRR ChocoTort Tesla 58.57 Removed DNP
CRML Blue 58.55 SSteves Rabbits DNP
CRML Red 58.17 WDRich369 DNP
CRML Red 58.10 WDRich369 DNP
Klassik Purple Patch 50.95 Klassik DNP
Rabbit #1040683 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1040686 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1040691 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1044706 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1044702 WDRich369 DNP
Rabbit #1044703 WDRich369 DNP

Best in Show

Name: 162.65D H3B JM57a 303.9
Owner: Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: EH Tapestry
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
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