February 2018 Maine Fair Holland Lop Results

Name Owner Placing
Starwalkers Broken Gold Starwalker123 1st [12]
Starwalkers Hope Starwalker123 2nd [8]
Broken Senior Bucks
CC HL 4442B Galahad Removed 1st [6]
Broken Senior Does
CC HL 4564D Xeres Removed Best of Breed [26]
CC HL 4453B Morris Removed Best of Opposite Sex [64]
Starwalkers Star Starwalker123 2nd [36]
Starwalkers Simply Sinful Starwalker123 3rd [27]
Starwalkers Blue Gold Starwalker123 4th [18]
Starwalkers Simply Gold Starwalker123 5th [9]
Starwalkers Simply Yours Starwalker123 6th
Starwalkers New Beginnings Starwalker123 7th
Starwalkers Tricky Starwalker123 8th
Starwalkers Simply Starwalker123 9th
Solid Senior Bucks
CC HL 4294B Galaxy Removed 1st [6]
Solid Senior Does
CC HL 4473D April Removed 1st [18]
CC HL 4428D Irma Removed 2nd [12]
CC HL 4384D Amy Removed 3rd [9]

Best in Show

Name: 176.17B H3B JPd 330.8
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Owner: Eagle Heights
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
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Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

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