January 2016 Louisiana Fair Holland Lop Results

Name Owner Placing
Broken Junior Bucks
JustLops Kerplunk Removed 1st [24]
RC William 42.19 Removed 2nd [16]
RC Rolland 42.07 Removed 3rd [12]
Rabbit #653399 Removed 4th [8]
Broken Junior Does
Klassik Just A Fantasy 42.65 RC Rabbitry 1st [24]
RC Rachel 42.36 Removed 2nd [16]
Klassik Hello Baby 42.26 Removed 3rd [12]
RC Nala 42.00 Removed 4th [8]
Broken Senior Bucks
JustLops Dr Pepper Removed 1st [36] [L]
JustLops HL Hipster Removed 2nd [24]
CJF B Hello Charles sammyrabbit 3rd [18]
CJF B Crazed Hello Removed 4th [12]
Klassik Hello To You 42.06 Removed 5th [6]
lassik Hello Hello 41.73 Removed 6th
Broken Senior Does
JustLops HL Rosalyn Removed 1st [42] [L]
CJF D Hello Lilies Removed 2nd [28]
Klassik Hello Goodbye 41.76 Removed 3rd [21]
CJF D Crazy Manner Removed 4th [14]
Klassik Hello Dolly 41.55 RC Rabbitry 5th [7]
HAL Latte de Lite 41.51 Removed 6th
HAL Mazie Removed 7th
Solid Junior Bucks
JustLops Phanto Removed Best of Breed [80] [L]
JustLops Klistorn Removed 2nd [40]
RC Royce 43.07 RC Rabbitry 3rd [30]
Klassik Just A Jeepster 42.44 Removed 4th [20]
RC Rider 42.31 Silver Bunnies 5th [10]
RC Harley 42.23 Removed 6th
RC George 42.14 Removed 7th
RC Jerry 42.15 Removed 8th
RC Teddy 42.10 Removed 9th
Six Guns Tally Ho Removed 10th
Solid Junior Does
JustLops Karmay Removed 1st [60] [L]
JustLops Will o The Wisp Removed 2nd [40]
JustLops Lavendar Removed 3rd [30]
JustLops Chevie Removed 4th [20]
RC Delani 42.85 Removed 5th [10]
Klassik Looking Good 42.79 Removed 6th
RC Indie 42.43 Silver Bunnies 7th
RC Darcy 42.15 Removed 8th
Six Guns Fee Fi Fo Fum Removed 9th
Six Guns Rabbit Hollow Removed 10th
Solid Senior Bucks
JustLops HL Romeo Removed 1st [72] [L]
JustLops Royale Removed 2nd [48]
JustLops HL Klonk Removed 3rd [36]
JustLops Case Removed 4th [24]
JustLops HL Ink Blot Removed 5th [12]
CJF B Manner Hello Removed 6th
RC Archer 42.26 Removed 7th
Klassik Hrllo Mr Chips 42.06 Removed 8th
RC Pistol 42.00 Removed 9th
HAL Drake 41.61 Removed 10th
Six Guns HL B Sld 41.53 Removed DNP
Six Guns Allonsy Removed DNP
Solid Senior Does
JustLops Jenda Removed Best of Opposite Sex [106] [L]
JustLops HL Izzy Removed 2nd [64]
JustLops HL Blue Sky Removed 3rd [48]
JustLops HL Cassia Removed 4th [32]
JustLops HL Tint Removed 5th [16]
JustLops HL Kitkat Removed 6th
CJF D Hoppin Hello Removed 7th
Klassik Hello Below 42.25 Removed 8th
CJF D Two Too Crazy Removed 9th
CJF D Hello Java Removed 10th
HAL Lots Of Hope 41.82 Removed DNP
CJF D Hello Snows Removed DNP
CJF D Leaping Hello Removed DNP
Six Guns Treetop Paradise Removed DNP
Six Guns Tootsie 41.61 Removed DNP
Six Guns Tootin 41.53 Removed DNP

Best in Show

Name: cmfarms impressive
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Blue Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: Sundial Bazaff 62.51
Owner: sundial
Breed/Color/Variety: Satin/Black Otter/Otter
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. Klassik - 12,914
  2. Glenrock Farms - 4,396
  3. cmfarm - 1,749
  4. sundial - 1,520
  5. Six Gun - 1,446
  6. Discoverthelost - 1,397
  7. JustLops - 1,249
  8. Lunatic - 1,237
  9. CJF Rabbits - 982
  10. Cosmic - 867