January 2018 Georgia Fair American Results

Name Owner Placing
Klassik Blue Jewel 40.15 Klassik 1st [54]
Klassik Just Blu 40.15 Klassik 2nd [36]
Klassik Blue Topa 39.99 Klassik 3rd [27]
Klassik Blue Gem 39.95 Klassik 4th [18]
Klassik Blu Ballerina 39.94 Klassik 5th [9]
Klassik Blue Wizard 39.90 Klassik 6th
Klassik Blue Topic 39.91 Klassik 7th
Klassik Blu Barrista 39.87 Klassik 8th
AHR Brave Heart WDRich369 9th
Blue Senior Bucks
CRAM Blue 40.65 WDRich369 1st [30]
CRAM Blue 39.97 WDRich369 2nd [20]
CRAM Blue 39.75 WDRich369 3rd [15]
CRAM Blue 39.79 WDRich369 4th [10]
CRAM Blue 37.96 WDRich369 5th [5]
Blue Senior Does
CRAM Blue 40.63 WDRich369 1st [12]
CRAM Blue 40.15 WDRich369 2nd [8]
Klassik Ice Fantazee 41.11 Klassik Best of Breed [92] [L]
Klassik White Miner 40.91 Klassik Best of Opposite Sex [58] [L]
Klassik Snowfantasia 40.77 Klassik 3rd [36]
Klassik Mr Icewhite 40.75 Klassik 4th [24]
Klassik Blue Babe 40.75 Klassik 5th [12]
Klassik Snowy Daze 40.74 Klassik 6th
Klassik Ice Moon 40.75 Klassik 7th
Klassik Snow Buddy 40.72 Klassik 8th
Klassik Ice Saphire 40.63 Klassik 9th
Klassik Snowfalls 40.56 Klassik 10th
Klassik Fair Dakota 39.94 Klassik DNP
Klassik Icicle 39.84 Klassik DNP
White Senior Bucks
CRAM REW 40.72 WDRich369 1st [6]
White Senior Does
CRAM REW 39.76 WDRich369 1st [6]

Best in Show

Name: 169.23D H3B JM 316.9
Owner: Bam Rabbits
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: SS FrostyBodyColorCond 111.47
Owner: WDRich369
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
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Single Stack Hutch

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