January 2018 Nevada Fair Rex Results

Name Owner Placing
Klassik Wilderena 52.57 Klassik 1st [6]
Amber Junior Does
90.27D H3B CINNa 140h/172a Removed 1st [6]
Amber Senior Bucks
Klassik Cinnamon Karl 61.38 Klassik 1st [6]
Amber Senior Does
Klassik Cinnamon Cilla 58.89 Klassik 1st [6]
72.76D H3B BLKh 107b/140 Klassik 1st [36]
KLassik Moonflower 66.53 Klassik 2nd [24]
Klassik Gotham 53.86 Klassik 3rd [18]
Klassik Black Jaffa 53.55 Klassik 4th [12]
Klassik Spaacewalk 53.51 Klassik 5th [6]
Klassik Hanovera 53.27 Klassik 6th
Black Junior Bucks
100.16B H3B BLKd 154h/197h Removed Best of Breed [56] [L]
99.31B H3B BLKd 155a/195g Removed 2nd [24]
98.67B H3B BLKl 148g/198b Removed 3rd [18]
98.52B H3B BLKh 155h/192d Removed 4th [12]
98.46B H3B BLACK 161b/185f Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies 5th [6]
98.39B H3B BLACK 152a/195e Removed 6th
Black Junior Does
99.05D H3B BLKh 163i/185h Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies 1st [24]
98.95D H3B BLACK 158b/190f Removed 2nd [16]
98.44D H3B BLACK 165c/182d Removed 3rd [12]
98.01D H3B BLKb 154g/191c Removed 4th [8]
Black Senior Bucks
97.13B H3B BLKh 143e/198 Removed 1st [12]
96.27B H3B BLACK 156.9/182.1 Removed 2nd [8]
Black Senior Does
98.35D H3B BLKh 161c/185c Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies 1st [6]
Klassik Cambridge Blue 53.98 Klassik 1st [18]
Klassik Blue Adder 53.84 Klassik 2nd [12]
Klassik Olivetta 50.57 Klassik 3rd [9]
Blue Junior Bucks
98.75B H3B BLUE 159g/189d Removed 1st [12]
93.59B H3B BLUE 143e/183h Removed 2nd [8]
Blue Senior Bucks
Rabbit #1043687 Bam Rabbits 1st [6]
Klassik Dark Moon 55.64 Klassik 1st [36]
Klassik Black Shado 54.36 Klassik 2nd [24]
Klassik Black Adder 53.61 Klassik 3rd [18]
Klassik Kollectable 53.44 Klassik 4th [12]
Klassik Cardiff 53.16 Klassik 5th [6]
Klassik Chestlina 53.11 Klassik 6th
Broken Senior Bucks
Klassik Black Dice 64.38 Klassik 1st [6]
72.11d H3B HIMIb 117a/128i Klassik 1st [66]
Klassik Happy Himi 64.47 Klassik 2nd [44]
Klassik Himi Horatio 54.48 Klassik 3rd [33]
Klassik Himi Hamish 52.73 Klassik 4th [22]
Klassik Himi Harriet 52.61 Klassik 5th [11]
Klassik Henry 52.41 Klassik 6th
Klassik Zoomer 52.10 Klassik 7th
Klassik Himirelka 51.94 Klassik 8th
Klassik Himi Henrietta 51.82 Klassik 9th
Klassik Himhenrietta 51.58 Klassik 10th
Klassik Himi Henry 50.14 Klassik DNP
Californian Junior Does
98.10D H3B HIMI 149g/196 Removed 1st [6]
Californian Senior Does
Klassik Himi Harriet 66.72 Klassik 1st [6]
Klassik Moonwalk 53.51 Klassik 1st [12]
Klassik Konstellation 53.48 Klassik 2nd [8]
Castor Junior Bucks
99.74B H3B CSTRab 160h/191h Removed 1st [6]
Castor Junior Does
96.32D H3B CSTRab 157g/190c Removed 1st [12]
95.09D H3B CSTRd 158i/175e Removed 2nd [8]
Castor Senior Bucks
Rabbit #1043703 Bam Rabbits 3rd [16]
Rabbit #1043731 Bam Rabbits 4th [24]
Rabbit #1043618 Bam Rabbits 1st [8]
Rabbit #1043619 Bam Rabbits 2nd [12]
71.69d H3B CHOCd1 111g/132 Klassik 1st [12]
68.55d H3B CHOCd 95i/134a Klassik 2nd [8]
Chocolate Senior Bucks
Rabbit #1043601 Bam Rabbits 1st [6]
Lilac Senior Bucks
Rabbit #1043685 Bam Rabbits 1st [6]
Lynx Senior Bucks
Rabbit #1043701 Bam Rabbits 1st [6]
Lynx Senior Does
Rabbit #1043696 Bam Rabbits 1st [8]
Rabbit #1043699 Bam Rabbits 2nd [12]
Klassik Opaltarlin53.78 Klassik 1st [12]
Klassik Opalera 52.66 Klassik 2nd [8]
Opal Junior Does
92.99D H3B OPALa 143g/181d Removed 1st [12]
87.56D H3B OPALab 136c/168 Removed 2nd [8]
Opal Senior Does
Rabbit #1043695 Bam Rabbits 1st [6]
Klassik Song Of The Sea 52.68 Klassik 1st [12]
Klassik Olivia 51.03 Klassik 2nd [8]
73.87D H3B SBLh 109g/141g Klassik 1st [36]
73.43D H3B SBLh 107g/142 Klassik 2nd [24]
Klassik Sable Sympson 69.55 Klassik 3rd [18]
Klassik Sabella 53.87 Klassik 4th [12]
Klassik Sable Symson 50.66 Klassik 5th [6]
Klassik Sableina 50.20 Klassik 6th
Sable Junior Does
99.14D H3B SABLE 151g/198c Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies Best of Opposite Sex [16] [L]
Sable Senior Does
95.89D H3B SABLE 160d/178 Removed 1st [6]
73.17d H3B SEALb 116b/133d Klassik 1st [12]
Klassik Sealilicious 66.87 Klassik 2nd [8]

Best in Show

Name: 166.86D H3B JP 312.3
Owner: Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Owner: Eagle Heights
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
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