June 2016 Louisiana Fair Californian Results

Name Owner Placing
REX D TWISTED 01 arabian59 1st
REX D BLANCA RIDER arabian59 2nd [11]
REX B WATER SHOW Removed 3rd [22]
REX D F2 10 arabian59 4th [33]
REX WATER SUPPLY 1119C arabian59 5th [44]
REX ICE WATER 1119C arabian59 6th [66]
REX CALLING 1122C Removed 7th
REX FIRST CALLER 1122C Removed 8th
REX NINTH CALLER 1122C Removed 9th
REX TWISTED 1127C Removed 10th
Californias replace arabian59 DNP
Californian Junior Does
HTRCA D41 Removed Best of Breed [26] [L]
Californian Pre-Junior Bucks
Californian B 749942 arabian59 1st [8]
Californian B 749944 arabian59 2nd [12]
Californian Pre-Junior Does
Californian D 749945 arabian59 2nd [9]
Californian D 749946 arabian59 3rd [18]
Californian D 749947 arabian59 4th [27]
Californian D 749948 arabian59 5th [36]
Californian D 749949 arabian59 6th [54]
Californian D 749950 arabian59 7th
Californian D 749951 arabian59 8th
Californian D 749952 arabian59 9th
Californian D 749943 arabian59 1st
Californian Senior Bucks
HTRCA B28 Removed Best of Opposite Sex [76] [L]
HTRCA B26 Removed 2nd [44]
HTRCA B27 Removed 3rd [33]
Klassik Fiddle Lad 44.18 Removed 4th [22]
CJF B Spruce Ladd Removed 5th [11]
CJF B C Bee Hop Removed 6th
CJF B C Bee Too Removed 7th
Klassik All Spruced Up 43.56 Removed 8th
Klassik Double Pop 43.44 Removed 9th
CJF B C Silver Pop Removed 10th
Klassik Pop Inn 42.94 Removed DNP
Californian Senior Does
HTRCA D38 Removed 1st [72]
HTRCA D40 Removed 2nd [48]
HTRCA D39 Removed 3rd [36]
Klassik Spruce Fiddle 44.82 Removed 4th [24]
HTRCA D36 Removed 5th [12]
CJF D C Three Spruce Removed 6th
CJF D C Spruce Hope Removed 7th
Klassik Silver Spruce 43.50 Removed 8th
CJF D C Spruce Pop Removed 9th
Klassik Bee Bop 43.40 Removed 10th
CJF D C Lady Hopes Removed DNP
Klassik Popped Out 42.84 Removed DNP

Best in Show

Owner: Silver Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Blue Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Name: Eh Lightning
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. Klassik - 21,899
  2. arabian59 - 8,972
  3. TOP GUN - 2,708
  4. Lunatic - 2,298
  5. Hop A Long - 1,788
  6. Discoverthelost - 1,382
  7. Rabbit Rabbit - 1,298
  8. CJF Rabbits - 1,270
  9. Hilltop Rabbitry - 1,104
  10. Eagle Heights - 1,101