May 2015 Hawaii Fair Silver Results

Name Owner Placing
Black Junior Bucks
RBR*s Booth Removed 1st [6]
Black Senior Bucks
NUts SV Montelbano Removed Best of Opposite Sex [22] [L]
RBR*s Second Try Removed 2nd [8]
Brown Junior Bucks
Rabbit #453968 Removed 1st [6]
Brown Junior Does
LF D Silver Dollar Luckey Foot Best of Breed [32] [L]
RBR*s Tempe Removed 2nd [8]
Brown Senior Bucks
RBR*s Fandago Removed 1st [30] [L]
NUts SV Charlie Removed 2nd [20]
Rabbit #407897 Luckey Foot 3rd [15]
RBR*s Gone Removed 4th [5]
Rabbit #445432 Removed 5th [10]
Brown Senior Does
NUts SV Connie Removed 1st [54] [L]
NUts SV Sarah Removed 2nd [36]
NUts SV Elle Removed 3rd [27]
NUts SV Aimee Removed 4th [18]
NUts SV Darla Removed 5th [9]
LF SL D Silver Mine38.86 Removed 6th
RBR*s Going For Gone Removed 7th
RBR*s Shes Gone Again Removed 8th
Lightning Armina Removed 9th
Fawn Junior Bucks
Rabbit #456809 Removed 1st
Rabbit #456810 Removed 2nd [10]
Rabbit #456811 Removed 3rd [20]
Rabbit #456812 Removed 4th [30]
Lightning Henry Removed 6th [60]
Lightning Bruno Removed 5th [40]
Rabbit #460879 Removed 10th
Rabbit #460875 Removed 7th
Lightning Rephase Removed 8th
Rabbit #460877 Removed 9th
Fawn Junior Does
RBR*s Anne Removed 1st [42]
Rabbit #460874 Removed 4th [28]
Lightning Aphrodite Removed 2nd [14]
Rabbit #460872 Removed 3rd [21]
Rabbit #456807 Removed 6th
Rabbit #456808 Removed 7th [7]
Lightning Salsa Removed 5th
Fawn Senior Bucks
Lightning Sillent Chill Removed 6th [42]
Lightning Silent Flim Removed 7th
Lightning Julius Removed 5th [28]
Lightning Lost Work Removed 2nd [7]
Lightning Nick Removed 3rd [14]
Lightning Pete Removed 4th [21]
Lightning Silent Laughter Removed 1st
Fawn Senior Does
RBR*s For The Fur Removed 1st [84]
RBR*s GA High Fur Removed 2nd [56]
NUts SV Sophia Removed 3rd [42]
RBR*s Chill Factor Removed 4th [28]
RBR*s Aminite Removed 6th
RBR*s Lost Files Removed 7th
Lightning Silent Love Removed 5th [14]
Rabbit #440300 Removed 8th
Rabbit #440303 Removed 9th
Rabbit #445431 Removed DNP
Lightning Silent Files Removed 10th
Lightning Silent Storm Removed DNP
Lightning Silent Song Removed DNP
Lightning Silent Party Removed DNP

Best in Show

Name: Klassik Appollo 52.25
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Blue Magpie/Magpie

Reserve Best in Show

Owner: TigerLily Rabbitry
Breed/Color/Variety: Champagne DArgent/Silvered Black/Champagne DArgent
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. Klassik - 11,459
  2. Sindragosas Phenoms - 9,545
  3. Thomsen Meat Pens - 2,922
  4. neppel - 2,819
  5. Smith Sisters - 2,561
  6. Bero*s Rabbits Farm - 2,222
  7. Discoverthelost - 1,707
  8. JustLops - 1,262
  9. TOP GUN - 1,057
  10. rochelles rabbits - 1,047