May 2018 Missouri Fair Dwarf Hotot Results

Name Owner Placing
Klassik Lady On Top 40.30 Klassik 1st [48]
Klassik Freedom 40.31 Klassik 2nd [32]
Klassik Quintell 40.29 Klassik 3rd [24]
Klassik Finnboost 40.29 Klassik 4th [16]
Klassik Lady Liberty 40.29 Klassik 5th [8]
Klassik Fortuella 40.27 Klassik 6th
Klassik Lady Camelot 40.26 Klassik 7th
Klassik Hotel California 40.21 Klassik 8th
All Junior Bucks
HAL Sir Edmond 40.44 Removed 1st [12]
HAL Little Buckaroo 40.44 Removed 2nd [8]
All Junior Does
HAL Princess 40.54 Hop A Long 1st [6]
All Senior Bucks
Klassik Bowler 40.50 Klassik Best of Opposite Sex [52] [L]
HAL Mister Ozzie 40.49 Hop A Long 2nd [28]
Klassik Top Hat 40.48 Klassik 3rd [21]
HAL Do It With Class 40.45 Hop A Long 4th [14]
Rabbit #1087974 Removed 5th [7]
Klassik Just JUNior 40.42 Klassik 6th
HAL Buckie Buck 40.09 Removed 7th
All Senior Does
Klassik JUniper 40.59 Klassik Best of Breed [134] [L]
HAL Lady Of Class 40.54 Hop A Long 2nd [76]
Rabbit #1088302 JustLooking 3rd [57]
GSLJ DH Hot Rocker 40.52 JustLooking 4th [38]
Rabbit #1088296 JustLooking 5th [19]
HAL Miss Bunny Bee 40.47 arabian59 6th
Rabbit #1085135 JustLooking 7th
GSJL DH Lady Osbourn 40.43 Removed 8th
Rabbit #1088307 Removed 9th
Rabbit #1085142 Removed 10th
HAL Classy Lady 40.42 Removed DNP
HAL Donna 40.38 Removed DNP
Rabbit #1088298 Removed DNP
Rabbit #1085140 Removed DNP
Klassik Lucks Inn 40.32 Klassik DNP
Rabbit #1078806 Removed DNP
Klassik Freelance 40.24 Klassik DNP
Klassik Lady Luck 40.26 Klassik DNP
Klassik Quinella 40.24 Klassik DNP
Hotot Senior Does
Rabbit #1083518 Removed 1st [6]

Best in Show

Name: 188.78B H3B JMn.61b 356.1
Owner: Hoppin-B-Boppin Bunnies
Breed/Color/Variety: Harlequin/Black Japanese/Japanese

Reserve Best in Show

Owner: Eagle Heights
Breed/Color/Variety: Silver Fox/Silvered Black/Silver Fox
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Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

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