October 2014 Maine Fair Himalayan Results

Name Owner Placing
Black Junior Bucks
GIR Mystical Removed Best of Breed [182] [L]
3TWest HB Outrigger Removed 2nd [108]
3TWest HB Shadow Boxer Removed 3rd [81]
3TWest HB Ginkgo Wicked Kiss Rabbitry 4th [54]
3TWest HB Rain Check Removed 5th [27]
GIR Bullet Removed 6th
GIR Minion Removed 7th
3TWest HB Dry Season rabbitlova 8th
Rabbit #124506 Removed 9th
GIR Orca Removed 10th
Rabbit #129458 Removed DNP
GIR Panda Removed DNP
3TWest HD Outcrop Removed DNP
Rabbit #128455 Removed DNP
Rabbit #128457 Removed DNP
3TWest HB Perfect Storm Thlumyn DNP
Rabbit #119727 Removed DNP
3TWest HB Metatron Removed DNP
Rabbit #129453 Removed DNP
Klassik Black Sultan Removed DNP
Rabbit #128992 Removed DNP
Rabbit #129049 Removed DNP
Rabbit #128993 Removed DNP
Rabbit #129048 Removed DNP
Rabbit #128980 Removed DNP
Rabbit #129079 Removed DNP
Rabbit #129081 Removed DNP
Black Junior Does
GIR Aphrodite Removed Best of Opposite Sex [154] [L]
GIR Artemis Removed 2nd [96]
3TWest HD Snowdrift Removed 3rd [72]
3TWest HD Vista Removed 4th [48]
LF HM D Pay Day Removed 5th [24]
GIR Sugarpuff Removed 6th
LF HM D Himalayan 0601 Removed 7th
LF HM D Good Times Removed 8th
3TWest HD Glacial Till Removed 9th
GIR Caroline Removed 10th
3TWest HD Tigeress Removed DNP
LF HM D Himalayan Forward 0101 Removed DNP
Rabbit #127816 Removed DNP
Rabbit #122593 Removed DNP
Rabbit #128459 Removed DNP
Rabbit #118110 Removed DNP
Rabbit #129452 Removed DNP
3TWest HD Ice Sickle Removed DNP
3TWest HD Silver Lining Removed DNP
Rabbit #127847 Removed DNP
Rabbit #129052 Removed DNP
Rabbit #129050 Removed DNP
Rabbit #128994 Removed DNP
Rabbit #128982 Removed DNP
Black Senior Bucks
3TWest Black Ice Removed 1st [138] [L]
NUts Sirius Black Hermanatior05 2nd [92]
GIR Coale Removed 3rd [69]
3TWest HB Irbis Removed 4th [46]
3TWest Taklamakan Hiphop 5th [23]
3TWest Gendarme Removed 6th
3TWest HB Everest Removed 7th
Klassik Sherpa Removed 8th
3TWest HB Desert Sunset Removed 9th
Klassik Day Tripper Removed 10th
3TWest Gobi Removed DNP
Klassik Middle Earth Removed DNP
Klassik Dark Shadows Removed DNP
3TWest Sastrugi Removed DNP
Klassik Landslide Removed DNP
Klassik Tensing Removed DNP
Klassik Rain Storm Removed DNP
Klassik Shergar Removed DNP
Klassik Dark Clouds Removed DNP
3TWest Kathmandu HMB Removed DNP
Klassik Rainfall Removed DNP
Klassik Horace Removed DNP
Klassik The Dark Lord Removed DNP
Black Senior Does
3TWest Thunder Snow Removed 1st [156] [L]
3TWest Rain Shadow Removed 2nd [104]
GIR Luminous Removed 3rd [78]
NUts Noire Removed 4th [52]
3TWest Torrential Rain Removed 5th [26]
3TWest Rainbow Removed 6th
3TWest Panthera Removed 7th
3TWest Rain Fall Removed 8th
3TWest Rain Dance Removed 9th
3TWest Chawa Removed 10th
3TWest Gabby Hermanatior05 DNP
3TWest Pantherinae Removed DNP
Klassik Indigo Lace Removed DNP
Klassik Matavara Removed DNP
3TWest Tawache Removed DNP
Klassik Tibetan Temptress jess20 DNP
Klassik Dark Skye Removed DNP
Klassik Donnatella Removed DNP
Klassik Zinderella Removed DNP
Klassik The Black Queen Removed DNP
SIN Polarity Removed DNP
Cactuss HMBD03 Removed DNP
PRRHI HimiDD2 Removed DNP
Klassik Cactus Queen Removed DNP
Klassik Henrietta Removed DNP
Rocks Lily Pad Removed DNP
Blue Junior Bucks
3TWest HB Snow Patrol Removed 1st [72] [L]
3TWest HB Hail Storm Thlumyn 2nd [48]
3TWest HB Cloud Kicker rabbitlova 3rd [36]
3TWest HB Raining Buckets Removed 4th [24]
3TWest HB Thunder Ridge rabbitlova 5th [12]
Rabbit #128533 Removed 6th
3TWest HB Overlook Removed 7th
3TWest HB Outlook Removed 8th
3TWest HB Out Cold Removed 9th
3TWest HB White Out Removed 10th
Klassik Horatio Removed DNP
Klassik Blue Bahamas Removed DNP
Blue Junior Does
3TWest HD Permafrost Removed 1st [48] [L]
GIR Alexandra Removed 2nd [32]
3TWest HD Ice Queen Removed 3rd [24]
3TWest HD Frozen Pass Removed 4th [16]
3TWest HD Dark Cloud Removed 5th [8]
3TWest HD Frostbite Removed 6th
Klassik Bluella Removed 7th
Klassik Blue Bessie Removed 8th
Blue Senior Bucks
3TWest Rainmaker Removed 1st [72] [L]
3TWest Cliffhanger Removed 2nd [48]
3TWest Monsoon Removed 3rd [36]
PRRHI BlueHimiBB1 Removed 4th [24]
Klassik Blue Ice Removed 5th [12]
Klassik Mr Blue Sky Removed 6th
HH Blueman Hiphop 7th
Klassik Blue Storm Removed 8th
Klassik Blue Sky Thinking Removed 9th
Klassik Henrique Removed 10th
Klassik Blue Sky Removed DNP
Klassik Blue Mountain Removed DNP
Blue Senior Does
KLassik Trinazella Removed 1st [102] [L]
3TWest Mudslide Removed 2nd [68]
3TWest Cloudburst Removed 3rd [51]
LF HM D Stargate 0302 Removed 4th [34]
3TWest HD Flash Flood Removed 5th [17]
3TWest HD Thunderbolt Hermanatior05 6th
3TWest Freezing Rain Removed 7th
3TWest Blizzard Removed 8th
NUts Feelin Blue Removed 9th
3TWest HD Skyhook Removed 10th
3TWest Glacial Melt Removed DNP
Hh Lavendar Blue Hiphop DNP
Klassik Cornflower Blue Removed DNP
Klassik Clear Dawn Removed DNP
Klassik Blue Belinda Removed DNP
Klassik Blue Dawn Removed DNP
Klassik Blue Hilary Removed DNP
Chocolate Junior Bucks
3TWest HB Powder Keg Removed 1st [24]
GIR Fudgey Removed 2nd [16]
Klassik Everest Removed 3rd [12]
Klassik Rock On Removed 4th [8]
Chocolate Junior Does
GIR Leah Removed 1st [60] [L]
GIR Mocha Removed 2nd [40]
3TWest HD Loess Removed 3rd [30]
3TWest HD Fluvial Removed 4th [20]
GIR Minty Removed 5th [10]
3TWest HD Landslide Removed 6th
3TWest HD Windblown Removed 7th
GIR Gardena Removed 8th
LFHM D Coco Bunny 0301 Removed 9th
Rabbit #129046 Removed 10th
Chocolate Senior Bucks
3TWest Ablation Hiphop 1st [102] [L]
GIR Snickers middaugh rabbitry 2nd [68]
GIR Truffle Removed 3rd [51]
GIR Reggie Removed 4th [34]
3TWest Uncia Removed 5th [17]
Klassik Chocolate Soldier Removed 6th
HH HIM B G1 Hiphop 7th
SIN Kiss Removed 8th
SIN Sloe Poke Removed 9th
Klassik Hot Chocolate Removed 10th
Rocks Eckbert Removed DNP
Klassik Cadbury Removed DNP
SIN Symphony Removed DNP
Klassik Chocolate King Removed DNP
Klassik Chocolate Truffle Removed DNP
Klassik Willie Wonka Removed DNP
SIN Lexx Removed DNP
Chocolate Senior Does
GIR Peppermint Removed 1st [84] [L]
GIR Paparazzi Removed 2nd [56]
3TWest Thunder Cat Removed 3rd [42]
GIR Hazelnut Removed 4th [28]
GIR Holly Removed 5th [14]
3TWest Rock Enroll Removed 6th
Klassik Hot Chocolate Sauce Removed 7th
Klassik Annie Removed 8th
Klassik Paulie Removed 9th
3TWest Ghost Cat Removed 10th
Klassik Chocolate Button Removed DNP
Klassik Chocolate Ghost Removed DNP
Klassik Dairy Box Removed DNP
Klassik Chocolate Delight Removed DNP
Himalayan Senior Bucks
PRRHI HimiG1B 39.14/54.83 Removed 1st [12]
Rocks Jokester Removed 2nd [8]
Himalayan Senior Does
3TWest Annapurna Removed 1st [6]
Lilac Junior Bucks
3TWest HB Stratosphere Removed 1st [18]
GIR Visor Wicked Kiss Rabbitry 2nd [12]
GIR Pacman Removed 3rd [9]
Lilac Junior Does
3TWest HD Cloud Nine Removed 1st [30] [L]
GIR Rafflesia Removed 2nd [20]
GIR Angelina Removed 3rd [15]
GIR Carrie Removed 4th [10]
GIR Regina Removed 5th [5]
Lilac Senior Bucks
GIR Decoy Removed 1st [36] [L]
GIR Bubbles Removed 2nd [24]
3TWest Poppy Removed 3rd [18]
GIR Rhubarb Removed 4th [12]
HH Purple Rain Hiphop 5th [6]
FBR H B No.122550 Removed 6th
Lilac Senior Does
GIR Paprika Removed 1st [12]
GIR Malai Removed 2nd [8]

Best in Show

Name: Nutwist Finally
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Satin/Black/Black

Reserve Best in Show

Name: FL CG D BLack Bird 55.32/40.08
Owner: Removed
Breed/Color/Variety: Checkered Giant/Broken Black/Black
Breed Results
Added Prizes

Best in Show
Single Stack Hutch

All Breed Sweepstakes
  1. NuTwist Bunnies - 9,245
  2. Sindragosas Phenoms - 6,818
  3. Skyline - 5,244
  4. Klassik - 3,401
  5. Girbitry - 2,808
  6. Luckey Foot - 2,617
  7. Kantor - 2,478
  8. Powder River Rabbitry - 2,354
  9. 3TWest - 1,519
  10. Hare - 1,418